Increased Investment In The Digital Marketing

 Increased Investment In The Digital Marketing

Increased Investment In The Digital Marketing


I think by now, everyone would agree that marketing strategy is incomplete if it doesn't address the digital channels. It is said as of February 2020; there is a 13% increase in the digital marketing budget in the company when compared to 11.8% of August 2019. This shows the importance of content, video, social media, SEO and many more.

More than 4.57 million people are on some type of social media platform, and it is said that around 64% of online shoppers say that social media platforms and videos have helped them make their purchase decision. On top of everything, around 50% of the traffic to the online stores come from social media pages.

Power of digital marketing in this modern world:

Around 90% of the companies are committed to spending more on digital marketing. The digital marketing industry is dynamic, and that's why it's essential to keep updated with the advancements in this industry. Significantly, digital marketing helps startups and small businesses to develop within a short time.

Underestimating the power of social media platforms will make the businesses miss many vital opportunities that will help develop the business. Since more than 3 billion people actively use social media and the internet every day, this digital marketing will help reach a greater audience and help the business reach new heights.

Especially, the sales businesses can reach a wide range of target audiences and improve sales. Since 70% of the customers get a good experience with online shopping, applying the best digital marketing strategy will make it easier to improve business.

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