6 Reasons To Choose Microsoft Azure Over AWS

6 Reasons To Choose Microsoft Azure Over AWS

27-May-2021 14:28:26 pm

The Two Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Attribute from the Leader's quadrant on Gartner's 2015 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Magic Quadrant. This is a significant effort for Microsoft since Azure entered the Cloud Computing scene just in 2010, whereas AWS was launched back in 2006. Azure has made considerable advances in recent years. It offers a set of capabilities and features far exceeding its rivals. The following are some important aspects wherein Azure scores over AWS.

1. Gentle Learning Curve

AWS is broadly perceived as being complex. That is evident by the various tutorials, user manuals, and troubleshooting files that are on the market. Conversely, Azure permits the use of the same tried and reliable technology that many businesses have used previously and are still using now. These include Windows and Linux, Active Directory, and virtual machines. What's more, it gives useful tools such as XCode, Hadoop, Github, Visual Studios, Eclipse, etc. Additionally, it provides several third-party applications, options, and programs developed by partner programmers around the Azure Marketplace. Because of this, the learning curve to the Azure Cloud is mild.

2. Hybrid solutions for Seamless Cloud Connectivity

Even though Amazon is still analyzing the waters that are hybrid, Azure has its own hybrid capabilities set up. It seamlessly joins data centers into the Cloud. Azure provides a consistent platform that facilities easy freedom between on-premises along with the Cloud.

Contrary to AWS, hybrid programs can be manufactured on Azure which can make the most of the resources available within datacenters, at the service provider's end, or inside Azure itself. Azure also gives a wider range of hybrid connections such as virtual private networks (VPNs), caches, content delivery networks (CDNs), and ExpressRoute connections to increase usability and performance.

3. PaaS Capabilities

Microsoft Azure PaaS offers application developers all the surroundings, tools, and construction blocks they will need to quickly build and deploy new cloud solutions. Additionally, it supplies the vital dev-ops relations that are important for tracking, handling, and always fine-tuning these programs. Together with Azure PaaS, a lot of the infrastructure control is taken care of behind the scenes from Microsoft. Therefore, Azure growth permits for a 100% focus on the invention.

The two Azure and AWS provide comparable IaaS capacities for virtual machines, media, and storage. But, Azure provides more powerful PaaS capacities that are a significant slice of Cloud infrastructure now.

4. .Net Compatibility

Azure's compatibility using all the .Net programming language is among the most useful advantages of Azure, which provides Microsoft a transparent upper hand over AWS and the remaining competitors. Azure was assembled and optimized to operate with both new and old software developed utilizing the .Net programming frame. It's a lot simpler and simple for businesses to transfer their Windows programs to Azure Cloud instead of AWS or other people. So for the many organizations which use .Net-based business programs, Azure is your obvious option.

5. Integrated Environment

The option of frameworks lies with the customer, and start development languages further adds to the versatility of Azure migration. Also, readymade services such as internet, mobile, press along with APIs and templates may also be leveraged to kick start Azure program development. Azure PaaS brings together all of the programs, data, apparatus, and spouses, both on-premises and at the Cloud. Its flexible toolset is excellent for solving integration demands ranging from linking mobile programs with on-premises LOB systems to organizing B2B obligations with spouses.

6. Security Offerings

Azure was designed according to Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) that is an industry-leading pledge procedure. It includes safety in its heart and personal information and services remain protected and secured while they're on Azure Cloud.

Microsoft was the primary telecommunications seller to be accepted by the European Union's data protection authorities and the Article 29 Working Party. They're also the first to adopt the new global standard for Cloud solitude, ISO 27018. Therefore, Microsoft guarantees that the very best concerning security for all operations and information about the Azure Cloud.



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