Marketing Strategy – A Framework Towards Business Success

Marketing Strategy – A Framework Towards Business Success

Marketing Strategy – A Framework Towards Business Success


For winning sales, marketers should formulate the best marketing strategy to take advantage of the increasing digital marketing opportunities. The digital marketing strategy is the plan that helps a firm attain a specific goal through carefully selecting the marketing channels such as earned, paid and owned media.

Running the marketing promotion without a proper strategy is like exploring the new city without the right GPS; it may end up in wrong turns that return in frustration and unnecessarily long routes to get to the destination.

Key components of creating a proper digital marketing strategy:

  1. Setting goal – While creating the marketing strategy marketers should know the destination in mind. The destination is the set of marketing goals that are expected to achieve from the marketing efforts. Whatever may be the business goals, measuring the results using the KPIs is important to find the success rate of the strategy.

  2. Understanding the target audience – Knowing the target audience, demographics and psychology of the existing as well as new customers better will assist in creating a better marketing strategy.

  3. Efficient content marketing – Being more strategic about the content, SEO keyword strategy and continuous optimization of the content is essential in content marketing.

  4. Establishing Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – Digital marketers need to develop the buyer personas to exactly know what they want to speak with and know the mutual interest. The personas developed should be based on the proper research. One can begin the personas with the basic background information like location.

  5. Finding the right marketing channel and establishing the campaigns - By structuring the marketing campaigns to meet the buyers, it will help in moving towards marketing success and business goals. Choosing the right digital channels will increase the ROI. Using the right marketing technique, one can establish the campaigns and get the benefits of them.

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