Why should you learn digital marketing?

Why should you learn digital marketing?

Why should you learn digital marketing?


Digital marketing generally refers to the tactics and approaches employed to promote products or services online. like traditional marketing digital marketing also is to bring in audience and produce leads. With the passage of time, this process has changed dramatically.

 In addition, the internet has grown significantly. You'll have to advertise and market firms or brand on the digital platforms. Every online advertisement you see, every image you view online and every piece of material you read, is connected to the work of a digital marketer in some manner. We'll look at a few more reasons why a job in digital marketing is a good fit for you.

Everything is becoming more computerized. organizations from every industries are focusing their efforts on building and maintaining a strong online presence. They are employing digital marketers for this aim. Career advancement for people who learn digital marketing online is equally rapid. That is why so many people would prefer digital marketing as a job.


According to research by Marketing Recruiting Trends, 69 percent of organisations are hiring more digital marketers. Recent survey also discovered that there is a significant demand and supply mismatch of digital marketing specialists recently. The demand was around 59 percent while the supply was just about 19 percent.

This means that the companies are showing great interest to hire digital marketers to build their online profiles. And after obtaining such a highly sought-after skill, you will be able to obtain better-paying employment with more job security.


The remuneration for digital marketing jobs is high due to the increasing demand. Because of your knowledge, you may be able to advance in the organisation, increasing your income.

Digital marketing managers can expect to earn between 5 and 10 lakh per year. Social media managers can earn upto 8 lakh rupees an year. So start to learn digital marketing online today from EkasCloud to ramp up your career

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